I wouldn’t know where I’d be without my sponsors.  They are those businesses that sponsor our Tall Sock Racing Team.

If you would like to contribute to creating an inspiring story, please donate_PayPal

For 2018, my sponsors include:

Be.nrgy – New for 2018, this business powers this blog!  I decided to rebrand and create a new business that also includes Yin Yoga.  For nutrition, I use XS Sports Nutrition (non GMO and organic), Nutrilite vitamins and supplements sourced from the most purest ingredients to maintain my general health and performance.  They are WADA compliant and a previous sponsor for Asafa Powell.  Check out the website to become a customer and peruse and buy the products.  Feel free to contact me if you have any product related questions or how you can become a business owner like myself.  I will be adding more to teh product line very soon.  Stay tuned!

DeFeet International – They make socks.  Lots of it.  I have too many right now and I’m sure I will have more.  It too, is an addiction.  Because of this, I’m one of the DeFeet BarnStormers  – one of their many ambassadors.  I’ll need to get a new drawer unit just for cycling socks, especially with the new artisan editions.  They’re made in the USA.


Also check out our other sponsors on our Tall Sock Racing website.


Equipment Sponsors

If you’re a manufacturer of bicycle parts, accessories or nutrition products and want an honest, first-person’s review, please contact me.  In my review, I will:

  • give your company and products exposure to the local cycling community and the far-reaching social media;
  • write about everyday use and maintenance in either short or long term tests;
  • write about your product’s use in races and training.



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