I wouldn’t know where I’d be without my sponsors.

If you would like to contribute to creating an inspiring story, please donate_PayPal

For 2019, my sponsors include:

Be.nrgy – Since 2018, this business powers this blog!  I decided to rebrand and create a new business that also includes Yin Yoga.  For nutrition, I use XS Sports Nutrition (non GMO and organic), Nutrilite vitamins and supplements sourced from the most purest ingredients to maintain my general health and performance.  They are WADA compliant and a previous sponsor for Asafa Powell.  Check out the website to become a customer and peruse and buy the products.  Feel free to contact me if you have any product related questions or how you can become a business owner like myself.  I will be adding more to the product line very soon.  Stay tuned!

Equipment Sponsors

If you’re a manufacturer of bicycle parts, accessories or nutrition products and want an honest, first-person’s review, please contact me.  In my review, I will:

  • give your company and products exposure to the local cycling community and the far-reaching social media;
  • write about everyday use and maintenance in either short or long term tests;
  • write about your product’s use in races and training.


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