Born out of adversity, fearlessness and perseverance, Be.nrgy is a way to move forward, to be complete on your bike.  To be living proof.


My Story

It took a severe headache and the culmination of three bicycle accidents to get me in to a yoga studio.  After several years of developing my practice in Vinyasa Flow Yoga, finding relief and strength, I discovered the practice of Yin Yoga through the teachings of a dear friend.  At the same time, I decided to change my way of eating, eliminating red meat altogether, eating only fish and plant-based meals.  The road to recovery was years in the making, including recently, deepening my understanding of Yin Yoga by participating in teacher training.  And with it, knowledge how it complemented my competitive cycling.  Be.nrgy is about:

Cycling – reaching your potential on your bike by being complete – whether you’re fat biking, cycling on the road or off.

Yoga – A key ingredient in recovery is Yin Yoga.  Yin Yoga addresses the connective tissues and other hidden parts of your body to restore balance and to feed your Qi.  If you wish to experience what it’s like to have this kind of balance, message me on all the usual social media channels for a session.

Nutrition – Nourish your body – don’t just feed it, by having an alkali, low inflammatory diet, giving it the vital nutrients it needs with proven meal plans and supplements.

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