The Panzer is dead. For now.

It’s amazing how 2 centimetres can affect your riding position. Instead of risking injury and hurting my body further, I tackled the task of trying to unseize a 15 year old seatpost from the Panzer. This seatpost I bought many years ago at a Toronto Bicycle Show for $27.  Unfortunately, things did not go well as it is now mangled after trying to use penetrating solution, a hacksaw and a channel lock wrench.  Now I am without a bike for the time being.  I may have to get it machined out when I want to bother with it.

At least my body will have some rest as I’ve been fighting fatigue these past few weeks.



This means I’m in the market for a backup bicycle until my BMC comes late August.

So now I’m up for suggestions. Or I may just grab whatever is available to me.

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